Who Should File a 2013 Tax Return?

 Who Should File a 2013 Tax Return?

Do you need to file a federal tax return this year? Perhaps. The amount of your income, filing status, age and other factors determine if you must file.


Even if you don’t have to file a tax return, there are times when you should. Here are five good reasons why you should file a return, even if you’re not required to do so:


1. Tax Withheld or Paid. 


2. Earned Income Tax Credit. 


3. Additional Child Tax Credit. 


4. American Opportunity Credit. 


5. Health Coverage Tax Credit. 


To sum it all up, check to see if you would benefit from filing a federal tax return. You may qualify for a tax refund even if you don’t have to file. And remember, if you do qualify for a refund, you must file a return to claim it.


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